UTAP Programme – An In-Depth Details About Eligibility and Benefits

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If you are an NTUC member, then UTAP is the right training program for you. It has been designed to help defray the overall training cost. This has been done with an aim so a number of people can be encouraged to take membership under this NTUC. The program is specialized to help members overcome the hassles and polish their skills.

When speaking of benefits, UTAP offers each of its members with a unique set of benefits. So during the training duration, the members undergoing various NTUC training can claim for 50 percent fee benefit. Apart from this during the entire training, the candidates are also eligible for using the free support from trained professionals and support team.

Who are eligible to apply?

Before you can actually apply for UTAP it is important to get familiar with the eligibility criteria. To be able to apply it is important that you have to be a valid NTUC member. Apart from this, there are a number of other criteria that should be met by each of its members.

  • Paid option – To be eligible it is important that the member should have paid for his NTUC membership in advance. This is important for the member to maintain valid membership during the entire course duration until it’s the completion date.
  • UTAP supportive training– It is also important that the member can only opt for training that is supported by the UTAP. It is also important that the duration of the training be within decided dates.
  • Funding options – To be able to take this benefit it is important that the members should opt for a course that is only partially funded via sponsorship program. Full funding under the sponsorship program is not eligible.
  • Fee limitation – If there is any fee that is not funded then the amount should exceed a minimum of USD 20 or above.
  • Attendance criteria – In order to be eligible it is also important for the candidate to maintain its attendance record above 75 percent. It is also essential that the candidate should not have missed any single attendance or exam during the course duration.
  • Application criteria – In order to be eligible for registration under this program it is important that the candidate should make the submission of the application after six months time period. Earlier applications are not eligible for approval.

In case you are looking forward to applying under UTAP, you can collect more details online as well. Websites offer the most accurate set of information related to the application procedure.