Tips To Prepare for Bihar Board Exams 

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Board exams can be exhausting and challenging to prepare for. Board exams are conducted for Classes 10 and 12 and are considered as very crucial for the students. Their passing marks in these exams is what will decide their future ahead. For Bihar Board Class 12 exams, students have to score at least 30 marks out of 100 in each subject with an overall aggregate of 150 marks to pass the exam. They are required to pass in all subjects except English and optional subjects, to be declared as passed. In Social Science, a student has to pass in theory and Internal assessment (literacy activity and project work) altogether obtaining at least 30 marks out of 100. Scoring well requires commitment and hard work from the students. One resource that helps students to prepare for the exam is the sample paper, for example, Class 12 students can refer to  Bihar board 12th model paper 2020. Some tips are given below in this article for the students to prepare for the exams and score good marks. 

How To Prepare for Board Exams? 

  • Students are required to study from the textbook. Most of the questions will be based on the major concepts covered in the textbook, hence studying from it will ensure that students are well prepared and will help to score well. 
  • Students are advised to regularly solve sample papers and previous year question papers to self-analyse their performance and plan for their studies, accordingly. Sample papers mostly cover the type of questions that are generally asked for the exam. 
  • One most crucial step for exam preparation is revisions. By revising the subject thoroughly, students will be able to comprehend the concepts well and prepare most competently for the exam.
  • Clear all the concepts well and make sure to rectify the mistakes before the exams. Students can check the textbooks, reference materials or solve more previous year papers to clear all doubts they have about a subject. 

Students preparing for the Class 10 Board exams, like the Class 12 students, will also appreciate access to the Bihar board 10th model paper 2020. These papers will help them to self assess their knowledge and know where they stand, based on which they can prepare for the exams. 

Quick Tips To Score Good Marks In Board Exams 

  • Students are, at first required to have basic knowledge of the subjects  
  • Always keep a positive frame of mind, doing away with the fear of exams   
  • Have a strict time-table handy and follow it to see what to study when 
  • Evaluate oneself on the level of exam preparation with the help of sample and previous year papers 
  • Have the notes, formulas, theorems and calculations at the tip of the fingers 
  • Organise group studies once a while to share knowledge and clear doubts 
  • Leave enough time to revise the subject for the second time before the exam 

Bihar board exams are likely to include objective questions and for this, students are advised to practice by answering more questions of this type. Previous year papers and the Bihar board model papers are the perfect sources that help students to prepare most effectively for the exams.