Tips for Maximising Your Home English Tuition

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The English language is the most extensively spoken in the globe. As a result, students who grapple with English will encounter many difficulties and disadvantages in their future careers. As a result, many students have begun to hire English home tutors to help them enhance their English language skills.

Despite this, a large number of students employ English language tutors for months on end and never improve. Unfortunately for them, it is unlikely that they will ever master English. Avoid being that pupil! Commit to beginning language improvement and mastery immediately.

Here are two things you can immediately begin doing with your English tutor’s assistance to enhance your command of the language.

1. Obtain a dictionary and phrasebook.

An excellent essay or speech is composed of a thousand unique words. Beginning with individual words is the first step on the path to English proficiency. Keep your vocabulary and phrasebooks with you during your English tuition lessons and whenever you’re reading, watching, or engaging in other English-learning activities.

Whenever you encounter a new vocabulary word, be sure to look up its definition in your online or offline dictionary and record it in your vocabulary journal. Next, form at least three sentences with them and have your English tutor review them to ensure that you have used the correct meanings. Then, incorporate these newly-learned words and phrases into your verbal and written communications within the next few days, and allow your English tutor to hold you accountable. Finally, create a plan for reviewing these new words with your English tutor to ensure that you have mastered them.

2. Have a mini-discussion group.

Discuss a topic of mutual interest with your English tutor and arrange a 30-minute discussion group between the two of you. A discussion group is a very simple method to learn English and increases your subject-matter knowledge, which will be very useful for your future essay writing. It also facilitates relationship building between you and your English tutor and improves communication.

If you truly want to enhance your English level, you must develop a distinct, precise pronunciation. Pay close attention to how your English tutor pronounces certain words and noises, and strive to imitate them. Make every effort to speak with appropriate English pronunciation and sentence structure; now is a good time to break your poor habit of speaking Singlish! Having discussion groups is an excellent method to incorporate grammatically correct formal spoken English into forming correct sentence structures!


Mastering a language is a difficult endeavour, so you are fortunate to have an English house tutor in Singapore. You’ll be in an excellent position to succeed in English if you implement these two items that can be implemented immediately.