The Competition Is Tough, But So Are You

For a science student, clearing the Entrance exam is immensely crucial. Although, it is not an easy feat to accomplish. Entrance exams are excruciating because they have no scope for mistakes whatsoever. Most of them have a negative marking system so, that is a hole you never want to dig deep.

When you think about it, every student generally has a specific college they prefer and a couple of options that they resort to when their first option does not work. For most science students, either Medical or Engineering is their aim. One of the best colleges, when you want to go for Medical, is AIIMS.

Getting into a good college for studying Medicine is extremely tough, especially a government-aided college. The competition is so high it would drive anybody to the point of insanity. You immediately start to regret your life decisions and wonder why you are doing this to yourself. But you have no option but to keep going because it is too expensive to quit.

As for the Engineering students, one of the best colleges is IIT. Even though there are various branches of this institute, the competition, however, is too much. You have to have a phenomenal score in your JEE Mains to get into one of these colleges. JEE also has negative markings making it very difficult to answer all the questions.

Most of the time, what students do in an MCQ exam is when they do not know an answer, they mark whatever they think could be right, whatever looks right. But in a cut-throat competition, where your JEE score is the deciding factor, you cannot afford to lose a single mark.

One of the demanding subjects to attempt is Mathematics. Especially studying Mathematics for JEE is a pain. Every question in Mathematics takes a lot of time. The syllabus is vast while the time to practice doesn’t seem enough. Sure, there are tips and tricks used to answer questions faster but, those don’t apply to every question. Not when you have negative marking and could lose every precious mark in a question wrongly answered.

You can and should use every tool at your disposal. Taking help from somebody to study is the key. In this lockdown and the ongoing pandemic, schools and colleges are closed and all are studying online. Therefore, it is essential to take a short break every once in a while, go for a walk, or listen to some calming music that may help you relax. Use every single resource available to you.

It is not easy to study for an exam when you are under the pressure of your family, your peers, your teachers. Especially when everyone is working hard to be able to excel in their career. You have to keep in mind that the competition is tough, but you are tougher.