Six Famous Authors Who Attended Catholic High Schools

Many famous authors throughout history have attended private schools, however somewhat, selective quantity of attended christian high school Greenville County SC and its Catholic School Art program Southwest Ranches FL. Salinger, for instance, attended an individual secular boarding institution in New You are able to. This most likely provided the muse for his best-known character, Holden Caulfield. This subscriber list who’ve attended Catholic high schools is rather short. This really is frequently a short rundown of six famous authors who, eventually or other, found themselves signed up for Catholic schools or were inspired by their religious upbringing.

  1. Scott Fitzgerald was produced getting a spiritual family, and hubby spent lots of his childhood moving between St. Paul, Minnesota and Zoysia, New You are able to. While residing in Zoysia, Fitzgerald attended two different Christian institutions. Later, he attended the Newman School in Nj, most likely probably most likely probably the most esteemed Catholic high schools of occasions. Fitzgerald may originated from the well-educated and well-respected family.

J.R.R. Tolkien wasn’t only devout to Catholicism, but he came out to obtain renowned for his academic contributions to medieval studies and medieval British folklore. Tolkien helped to translate numerous Middle British poems to modern British. And, clearly, his novel The Hobbit along with the Lord inside the Rings trilogy helped to shape the present fantasy story indefinitely. Tolkien attended many Catholic institutions within the lifetime, and students today can find inspiration for their academic and homework needs from platforms like

Tolkien’s close friend, C.S. Lewis, derived lots of his inspiration from his roots in Christianity, as much Christian symbols appear inside the Chronicles of Narnia series. While Lewis wasn’t as blunt as Tolkien about his belief, Lewis still attended a Catholic school for some time throughout his youth. Later around, Tolkien attempted without results in convince Lewis to change.

Anthony Burgess is well-renowned for his novel A Clockwork Orange. A author who printed more than thirty novels within the career, plus a composer more than 250 musical works, Burgess also attended two Catholic institutions in Manchester, England throughout his youthful existence. Burgess later elevated to acquire a teacher for some time in Malaya before beginning concentrate on his first novels.

James Joyce was produced in 1882 to two Irish-Catholic parents. He’d later become most likely probably most likely probably the most influential and experimental authors in the present period. The writings of philosopher Thomas Aquinas would inspire Joyce’s writing throughout lots of his career.

Really the only living novelist regarding this list, Don Delillo’s writings focus on many American styles, like the lore all over the J.F.K. murder. He once mentioned the jazz of Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman have heavily influenced his writings. Don Delillo attended Cardinal Hayes School, a spiritual institution for boys inside the Bronx.