Online Study

Innovative Technologies That Simplify Finding Answers

A couple of generations ago, finding answers to questions we had was a long and tedious process. It was helpful to have a mentor alongside us but mentors were not available to us at all times. Finding solutions ourselves took a long time with a lot of pages flicked and a lot of time spent in research. The previous generation had access to the internet in their homes and that certainly made the process of finding solutions to any of their doubts and questions a lot easier. The Google search engine made the act of searching and finding solutions a lot quicker through the amount of filtered information available in its databases.

Education and the methods of learning have been evolving every single generation and the current decade is seeing a massive spike in the popularity and the quality of online learning. Quesgo, Kunduz & Brainly, for example, provide a wide variety of tests and also answer questions asked by students. These applications have changed the nature of mentorship and have brought a new way of teaching.

A lot of students find math tricky and find the concepts hard to grasp. Mentorship and guidance are key when learning the concepts of mathematics and an online maths solution app could go a long way to provide this guidance. Kunduz is an application that is tailor-made for such subject-related queries which a student may have. The unique scan and solve method of Kunduz helps students find solutions for exactly the problem they are looking for along with a detailed set of instructions to have their doubts cleared.

An image of the particular question can be uploaded on the Kunduz app. A group of subject exclusive experts is available to check and solve questions and give a personalized solution to the student. There is also a way to chat and personally have the concept or other questions explained in Kunduz. Live classes from the experts or chatting with them helps to get even better solutions for the problems. A truly personalized approach to help with doubt solving.

Features of Kunduz:
➛Support for exams like JEE, NEET, IIT, etc.
➛Question bank and practice tests
➛Private tutor sessions
➛Expert advice on chat
➛Scan and solve any doubt within 15 mins

Applications like quesgo, brainly, and Kunduz are tailored for the new generation of students and aspirants, fine tuned to the new way of online learning. Personal teaching and guidance provided on applications like Kunduz go a long way to help students both young and old to prepare better and have a better idea about the concepts. Such math solution apps and doubt solving applications are proof of the growing digitization of education and such innovations can only make the process of learning smoother and more efficient.