How CBSE sample papers can benefit a student’s performance

We know from experience that preparing for the CBSE exams is one of the most terrifying and tricky things a student has to do every year. From understanding the concept, learning it thoroughly and revising it, exam preparation is a process that requires a good amount of dedication and also excellent planning.

However, there is a mistake that most students tend to make as the exam dates draw closer- not solving sample CBSE papers. It has been proven by toppers, and teachers too have confirmed that one of the best ways to study, revise and ensure success in CBSE exams is solving past years’ question papers as well as CBSE sample papers.

Keep scrolling for a list of 4 ways in which solving CBSE sample papers can help you get top marks in every subject:

  • Tangible performance tracking

Most times when revising, the only reassurance we have of our preparedness is in our minds. However, solving papers gives you a tangible way to track your performance and see how much you remember from your syllabus. By solving papers, you will be applying the knowledge that you have collected through studying the concept to form concise and relevant answers.

  • Improved Time management skills

As you ascend grades, finishing the paper on time and having enough time to check your paper starts to get more and more difficult. Solving at least a few CBSE sample papers before you give the actual exam will help you point out your weaknesses with respect to time management, and it will also give you a chance to work on them. Most students who solve papers beforehand have a very clear time map planned in their head which helps them achieve great marks.

  • Better understanding of the marking scheme

Another key to nailing your exams is knowing the marking scheme and also knowing which chapters and topics are more important from the exam point of view. But, most times students tend to forget both of these things and in their panic-ridden state end up paying more attention to topics that hardly get asked. This gets them very little marks. Solving cbse sample papers will give you a practical example of the marking scheme and help you remember it better, so you do waste time on the topics that have less weightage.

  • Overall better revision

The above-mentioned are the most important things when it comes to exam preparation, and they are also the things that you will be improving and strengthening if you solve CBSE sample papers. Instead of just going through topics a hundred times in your mind, pair that activity with solving papers once every week and you will be revising everything not just once but multiple times. Solving mock papers will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and give you a better chance to work on the latter so that there is nothing stopping you from getting that topper badge!

Make sure to start collecting CBSE sample papers from sites like Extramarks so that when you are done studying and understanding concepts, all you have to do is open the file, select a paper and solve. The earlier you start the better!