First aid in the workplace

Each of us should know the basics of first aid. It is a valuable skill because only seconds are decisive for the effectiveness of undertaken rescue actions. Health and life-threatening situations may occur at different times and places, also in the workplace. For this reason, employers should appoint betriebliche ersthelfer to provide first aid. It is not a simple challenge, but proper preparation increases the chances that a trained employee, using his skills, will be able to help another person.

Appointment of employees to provide first aid

According to the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to provide the means necessary to provide emergency first aid and to appoint employees to provide such assistance. Actions should be tailored to:

  • type and scope of the conducted activity;
  • the number of employees and other people present at the workplace;
  • type and level of occurring threats.

The employer, bearing in mind, inter alia, the type, and level of the occurring threats, decides about anzahl ersthelfer betrieb whom he will appoint to provide first aid, as well as the method of their training and the type of equipment. 

The appointment of an employee to perform this function does not require a change in his scope of duties. Thus, the employer does not have to obtain the consent of a given person to entrust him with such duties. This does not mean, however, that the employer cannot consult the selected employee before making a decision. 

First Aid Points

Instructions on first aid in the event of an accident and erste hilfe kurs im betrieb announcement should be posted in conspicuous places at first aid stations and first aid kits. Both first aid points and places where first aid kits are located should be properly marked. The current symbol is a white cross on a green background.