Building The Dream Team


One of the biggest responsibilities of a leader is to form a team that can turn the company’s vision from words into reality. This requires not just a single leader but a leadership team that brings together a whole array of expertise, skills, and capabilities. Building a team at this level requires the leader of this team to go beyond skills and qualifications. It is crucial to consider all aspects of an individual while building a team that will lead your company.

Forming a team

Most individuals at this level of seniority have worked with the company for a long time. They might know of each other but in their separate departments. An individual in a leadership team goes beyond just representing the silo/department that they lead. Being a part of this team means actually leaving that title behind and working with each other to achieve collective goals of the company. Just as necessary as it is to ensure the seamless and efficient functioning of the operational aspect of the business, the leadership team has to also focus on staying true to the vision and objectives of the company. This can be done only through collaboration and teamwork.

While you start the process of building a leadership team, begin by being completely honest about your own strengths and weaknesses. As a leader, it is essential to know your areas of weakness and find teammates who can offer you valuable counsel in those areas. Next step while shortlisting candidates is evaluating their skills and aptitudes not just individually but with context to each other. Finding people with complementary competencies to join a leadership team will create a balance and an opportunity to drive collaborations. The varied experience of each individual will foster mutual respect instead of competition creating cohesion in the team.

Building Diversity

Professionals with individualistic thinking, unique thought processes, and distinctive talents offer a myriad point of views and perspectives. In a team like this, each problem is solved through collective debate and the most credible solution is found. There is less chance of opinions overlapping due to individual expertise, guaranteeing an innovative and robust approach to business problems and a long-term strategy that is futuristic and ambitious.

Communicating responsibilities

In order to achieve success together, it is important to discuss and understand the role of each person in the team. In a team of this level, there cannot be any competition or personal agendas. Discourage this by engaging in conversations with each member, focusing on their unique role and responsibilities. Often, there is emphasis on the achievements and outcomes expected from the team and individuals. It is necessary to place equal importance on behaviors and decorum expected from them as they will be leading their own teams to achieve success by providing them motivation and direction.

Evaluate and Realign

Many teams get caught up in resolving the operational and short-term challenges. As a leader, bring back the focus of your team to the bigger picture. Reinforce your long-term goals and strategy to this group of people as they will drive the company towards achieving them. Emphasizing the collective vision is the only way to stay true to the path of collective and company progress. This can be done through periodic evaluations and strategic meetings that discuss only the long-term agenda. Assess where the company stands, make the appropriate changes for course correction.

As you periodically evaluate progress, also appreciate the achievements of your team. Display the qualities that you would want your team to exhibit to their team members. Build channels of communication that promote openness and collaboration. Knowledge exchange should be a priority for this group of people as they chart the company’s future progress.

A leadership team is at the core of your company. The attitude, energy and vision of these individuals dictate the future of your venture. Spending time in forming a formidable team is an investment towards success. Go beyond qualifications, reputation, achievements and appearances to form a team that believes in your dreams for the company.

Senior consultant Rajeev Shroff manages Cupela, a platform for Transformational Coaching and Consulting, which works with leading organizations in India.