A Good Personal Essay: Writing Guide

A personal essay is a type of writing that tells a story about a personal experience with a certain aim. It can have different styles, from creative to more official one.

For example, students-to-be are required to write a personal essay that sells to enter college or university, while existing students are given to write a personal essay as a homework assignment.

In both situations, it is vital to understand principles and strategies on a good personal essay writing. Mind, that in some cases you are also able to use trustworthy platforms, such as EssaySupply, to get professional assistance on a personal essay writing and succeed with no hurdles.

Structured Essay

In order to provide understandable and interesting layout and stick to writing norms, it is significant to get your writing structured.

A personal essay consists of three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Introduction has to hook up your reader, include thesis, and state the main point of your essay clearly. Main body should develop and explain ideas of your writing, be interesting and catching. The conclusion is determined to sum up writing and highlight the moral of your story.

Successful Essay

When you create a successful personal essay, it is not only about getting it organized, but making it catching throughout the text as well.

  • Start with a draft – making an outline first will help you to bring sense into your writing;
  • Catch the reader’s attention – create an original hook to appeal to readers from the beginning;
  • Be specific – talk about the outstanding situation but not your life in general;
  • Summarize properly – make a spectacular summary, avoiding repetitions and cliches;
  • Proofread your work – take a fresh look some time afterwards to improve your writing.

Stick to general rules and structure, apply own style and bright ideas, and do your best to make readers delighted with your essay.