Poem Citation Peculiarities

People usually wonder how to cite poems only when they deal with this situation. For instance, if you get a literature task to analyze a poem, you won’t be able to write a paper without citing some parts of the poem. That’s why it’s very important to do it properly. Let’s dwell on this topic in the article below as well as review the main four types of citing formats.

The types of possible formats:

  1. MLA, i.e. Modern Language Association;
  2. APA, i.e. American Psychological Association;
  3. Harvard Style;
  4. Chicago Style.

Each format type has different sets of rules, that’s why one can come across different versions. Unless your instructor hassome specifications or guidelines for you, pick the type you want, and stick to it. Keep in mind that APA and Chicago styles don’t have any strict rules.

Very often, poem citations become part of an academic paper. That’s why using the precise standards introduced by Harvard or MLA. They offer clear and precise rules for every case scenario. What’s more, they explain the differences in formatting long quotes as well as short ones (like one line).

Top 3 peculiarities to know

The Harvard guidelines cover both the editors’ names and the anthology titles. They aim to preserve the author-date format. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t require the poem’s author. This information must be addedto the text of the cited sentence.

MLA offers even more profoundguidelines than Harvard ones. It’s a unique approach that uses the author-page format. Three main rules define the way the writer has to use this formatting style properly.

Chicago citations, as well as APA’s, don’t offer any specific guidelines. That’s why writers often apply the same rules as for the container category. To discover the main rules as well as some examples, visit