Kidjo TV – Kids shows and learning videos

If you are a parent trying to give all the good and safe things for your lovely child then that includes safe screen time also. Because in the current digital world there are so many things a child can learn by using many of the digital platforms. But as parents, I know you are mostly caring about the safety of the child among most of the things the child can reach using the modern technologies. Now no need to worry. You can simply have the nice app Kidjo TV on your Android.

This is the best platform to make your child educated as well as entertain them at the same time. Can have more fun and joy while having some knowledge also thanks to this app. This is suitable for your small kid who is educating in kindergarten, preschool or nursery.

There are much more things your child can achieve if he/she gets used this nice tool. It is very easy and also very safe. The child only watches the things suits for him. No unnecessary unsuitable contents included here. 

What your kid can watch through the app?

There are many more things to watch through the app. All the content designed in order to make your child knowledgeable and also happy.

Here you can watch many videos related to the education. There are rhymes, songs, mini games, kids show, cartoons, puzzles, memory games, some tutorials about small science projects, magic tricks, arts and crafts projects and so on.

I am very sure that your kid will love to have thins nice screen time experience. So, try this now with your kids also. They will unknowingly learn many things while watching the videos included here in the app Kidjo TV.

Many use their TV to watch content. If you do not like to give your phone to kid. If you have Android TV, Google TV or Fire TV use Kidjo Android TV app. In order to install TV version of this app you can use your default TV store. If you are unable to install this app on your TV using its default store, you can use alternative Android TV app stores like Filelinked, APKTime and Aptoide TV. One of the best and popular TV stores is Filelinked apk. Free download and find Filelinked codes to access exclusive TV apps and games.

Features of Kidjo TV

There are more than 2500 videos to make your child happy and educated. All these videos are hand-picked by the parents. So, you can be cure that all most all the videos and contents are matching with your small child. 

Also, using some settings options your can limit your Childs’ content and the screen timing also. I am sure that most of you will love this nice feature. 

The app is also free from ads and the child will not get opportunity to log in to harmful sites or social media. the app designers care a lot about the safety of your child. So, do not think twice to have this app with you.  

Free download this app to make your kids busy with it. You can use app stores like acmarket, aptoide and play store to install this app.

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