A Guide for Newbies in Writing Songs


It can be hard to write a song with a memorable melody and clever words. Even the most experienced songwriters get stuck at some point in their careers, and there are many ways to write a song.

Here are 10 tips for writing songs that are backed up by quotes from some of the best songwriters in the world. How to begin writing a song, you can checkout our guide below and also visit our diploma in songwriting singapore online now.

The words matter

If you’re not making an instrumental song, the lyrics might be the most important part of your song. Lyric writing is often the most frustrating and hard part of making a song, especially for new songwriters who don’t have much experience.

Write down any ideas that come to you on the spot.

As a songwriter, there’s nothing worse than coming up with a great melody or riff and then forgetting what it was an hour later. It’s frustrating to forget your ideas, so it’s important to write them down or record them on your phone while they’re still fresh in your mind.

Write about what you know.

Whether you’ve had hard times or good times, you can learn a lot from what you’ve been through. Make a song about how you feel that you can be proud of.

Work with other musicians to make music.

Collaboration with other musicians can be a great way to break new ground and get a new perspective on your track if you’re stuck with writer’s block, which everyone gets at some point.

Keep things simple and add to them.

Keeping your song as simple as possible at first is a great way to speed up the process of writing a song and figure out how it should be put together.

Make sure to take breaks

When ideas aren’t coming as easily as you’d like, it can be frustrating and mentally exhausting to write a song from scratch. Taking a 15-minute break from your instrument or lyrics pad can help get the creative juices flowing and keep your mind from getting too cloudy to see the ideas and inspiration you’re looking for. No matter how long it takes to write, the only thing that matters is how it turns out in the end.

Don’t worry too much.

Musicians and songwriters often give themselves the harshest reviews. If you’re too hard on your own songs, you’ll never finish anything, so keep an open mind.

Ask for feedback

It’s easy to forget how good or bad your song is after you’ve worked on it, changed it, and made it all by yourself for hours. So find someone whose opinion you value and who you know will give you honest advice, and ask them to critique it for you.